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iOS 13 on iPhone 6s in 2019: is it worth it?

iOS 13 Performance on iPhone 6s

Things like AirDrop, Handoff, FaceTime and the usual iCloud services work flawlessly on iOS 13, which is really a big surprise to me. I don’t think the wait time of one second will make any difference in how our devices are used.

But, everything is not first class here. Where there’s great program performance, there’s a dark side to the story as well, and I’m sure Apple won’t be able to fix it at all.

Battery life iOS 13 on iPhone 6s

Battery life on iPhone 6s is terrible. I didn’t get a whole day at all with apps and accounts, I was working on iPhone 6s. By evening (mostly) my phone was in a 20% battery. You can see the battery drop in real time in the status bar, which will definitely make you feel nervous if you rely too much on battery life.

In the case of a typical use where you drag your phone to check messages, Instagram, maybe a bit of Twitter while you wait in the queue of your bus arrival, you would see a 3-5% drop in battery constantly. I would suggest you keep a power bank with you if accessing today is something you need to accomplish on the smartphone interface.


For everyday tasks the phone is fine. Sure, the screen isn’t big enough, the battery life is absorbed straight up, but the performance is actually going to end up. It surely surprised me.

If you have an iPhone 6s and want to use it on iOS 13 for new features, I’ll give it a green light. But if battery life is important to you, keep using iOS 12.

For me, buying an old iPhone is always a two-step process – buying a phone, and replacing the battery from Apple for a brand new feeling. My primary phone is always connected to a charger and I disconnect it only when I’m about to go out, so battery life isn’t a big concern to me.

But the golden question is: should you buy iPhone 6s in 2019? If you have a tight budget, don’t care about battery life and just want it in the Apple ecosystem without breaking your wallet, you should.

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