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New Qualcomm Just Teased Apple iPhone Secret

In the disclosure of Qualcomm’s earnings, Palkhiwala revealed that the company will ship 200 million units of its huge 5G smartphone chip next year thanks to “two inflection points” in 2020. The first comes from the launch of the heavily leaked Samsung Galaxy S11 in February, while the second comes in the frame Time to fall when another set of 5G main devices are adopted. “

This leaves nothing to the imagination. The only major smartphone upgrades to be launched in the fall are the new Galaxy Galaxy (already adopted 5G in 2019), the Google Pixel 5 (which will move to 5G but doesn’t sell anywhere near enough units to increase Qualcomm’s very high numbers) . Then there’s the all-new iPhone 12 from Apple and the iPhone 11 group at risk of skipping 5G this year.

Moreover, 5G is just the starting point for these new iPhones. Thanks to more leaks, we already know how Apple will change the design, offer new screen sizes, add ProMotion screens, give up Lightning port, reintroduce Touch Touch ID and add a long-range 3D camera.

Unsurprisingly, the big fear is that the changes will lead to a significant rise in prices, but after two years of increasing change, Apple is clearly planning to get the iPhone acceleration pulses again.

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